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“I really like UEE in dramas, and Choi Woo Shik fair enough, so it was no brainer to watch this drama. And I’m glad I did because it’s a charming romantic comedy with its moments of comic-book-action and animation”. 

Episode 16 (finale)   Episode 15   Episode 14   Episode 13   Episode 12  Episode 11  Episode 10    Episode 09   Episode 08   Episode 07   Episode 06   Episode 05   Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01

william schwartz@hancinema:

“(…) I already love the world that’s been created here, and the characters who populate it”.

Episode 16 (finale)   Episode 15   Episode 14   Episode 13   Episode 12   Episode 11   Episode 10    Episode 09   Episode 08   Episode 07   Episode 06   Episode 05   Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01

charmedangeI8@crazy about asian dramas:

“What makes this show interesting and different is the unexpected twists”.

Series review


“I highly recommend it… I’m loving it myself. Even though there are some silly plots, I don’t even question it as much… I watch it for fun and fun I got!“.

Series review

classy@drama views:

“Adorable gets a new word:  ‘Hogu’. Oh my oh my.. This drama had me spilling tears by the bucket. Both by laughing and by its gut wrenching melo dramatic moments”.

Series review 

conan@we eat lemon:

” I’ll say this first before anything else: this drama is the most adorable drama I’ve seen in a long time.(…) Despite all the flaws that I will talk about, the drama always left me with a smile (and the eagerness to pinch someone’s cheeks). In that sense they have succeeded.

Series review

chelseaartist95@drama heaven:

” I thoroughly enjoyed this drama from beginning to end. And the thing is they dealt with such heavy topics too.  Rape, abortion, homosexuality,  adoption, social prejudices, you know, the works”.

Series review


“I think what is most amazing about Ho Goo and the way he is written and acted is that he makes everyone else in the world look like the fool that they think he is”.

Series review


“Yes, misunderstandings abound in this drama, and relationships are crazy complicated, but this drama did things right and kept it interesting.  It was all so much fun with just the right amount of feels”.

Series review


“So far, I’m really loving all the people in Ho Goo’s life, except Do Hee. I don’t know, she brings a kind of sad vibe to the picture, contrary to the other characters”.

Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01

snow@the drama corner:

“All in all, Ho Goo’s Love is as sweet as whispered breeze of the evening. Can’t wait to walk along with it”.

Episodes 01 to 04

shamrockmom3@shamrockmom’s house:

“I did not expect to be sobbing at the end of Episodes 3 and 4…this writer can really reel me in and then punch to the gut…”.

Episodes 13 to 16 (finale)   Episodes 05 to 10   Episodes 01 to 04


” I expected comic-book-style hilarity from the writer of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, and I wasn’t disappointed—the show is chock full of quippy lines, crazy situations, and a whole lot of underdogs to root for”.

(also odilettante, javabeans & lollypip)

Episode 16 (finale)   Episode 15   Episode 14   Episode 13   Episode 12   Episode 11   Episode 10   Episode 09   Episode 08   Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05   Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01

outside seoul@outsideseoul:

“(…) Any show that opens by mocking media sexism is a off to a good start, I think“.

Episodes 01 to 16 (finale) 


“Ho Goo’s love is a romantic comedy about Kang Ho Goo and his first love Do Do Hee”. 

Episodes 15 & 16 (finale)   Episodes 13 & 14   Episodes 11 & 12   Episodes 09 & 10   Episodes 07 & 08   Episodes 05 & 06   Episodes 03 & 04   Episodes 01 & 02


“As for the story, I like the fact that there isn’t a straight line between the comical part and the more serious one, both are integrated into the story without making it seem blunt but rather one side completes the other so the plot is easy to follow”.

Episodes 01 to 06


“Kinda odd… but funny”.

Episodes 01 & 02


“A quick check tells me it is PD Pyo Min Soo at the helm, and I immediately recall a drama of yesteryears – Worlds Within, which was also directed by PD Pyo. The meticulously edited scenes and creating the subtle flow of the plot is a trademark of PD Pyo, and can be seen here in Show as well“.

Series review (up to ep 08)   First impressions


“The first episode lived up to its expectations. There’s the off-kilter, slightly dorky humour present in most tvN rom-coms and the perennial sad little back story behind every sunny smile”.

Episode 01


““Hogu’s Love” does include some heavy topics, but overall it’s a light pleasure to watch. Choi Woo Shik is lovable and precious as Ho Gu, who fights against the modern Korean idea of dating with his romantic, movie-like ideas about love“.

(also luckymic)

Review (up to ep 10)   Episodes 01 & 02

dea@beatus corner:

“Ho Goo is love ❤  A heartfelt nice pace pilot episode, well written & strongly acted”.

Episode 16 (finale)   Episode 15   Episode 14   Episode 13   Episode 12   Episode 11   Episodes 09 & 10   Episode 08   Episode 07   Episode 06   Episode 05   Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01

estelle@drama for real:

“If I could put Choi Woo Sik in my pocket and carry him with me everywhere I go, then I probably would”.

First impressions

” Our main couple’s traditional roles have been reversed and it will be interesting to see how that plays out with the simple Hogu and our broken, seemingly unemotional Do Hee”.


“(…) this drama is one of the best of this year, I ought to write about it. I won’t be writing unnecessary things, I’ll just point out what made me think this drama is a “must watch”“.

Series review


“The series also gives mixed messages with a number of its decisions, juggling between conservative and more progressive views”.

Series review

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