creative bloggers award

Creative Bloggers Award Rules


To do things in order, first off is thanking Mangataku-kun for following us and thinking we are deserving of the “Creative Bloggers Award”

Now the 5 facts about us:

1- We are very judgmental when it comes to K entertainment.

Despite how much we enjoy everything K showbiz related, we are very often amazed by how horrid we can get when discussing trying to improve it.

PHJ smirking away

2- When  it comes to dramas we live in the land of unicorns.

Despite the regular disappointments, we start almost every drama thinking this one will be ‘the one worth revisiting in the future’.  Delusional

3- We catch up with Korean TV whenever we can.

Seo Kang Joon catching up with TV

Sometimes at 6am, before starting the day.

goon yoo making coffee

And yes, we wish Gong Yoo would be the one getting our morning coffees ready.

4-  We despise Kdrama  style romantic events.

Let’s make it clear, we would rather climb Hallasan in the rain, even knowing that Hyun Bin is not waiting for us at the top, than being the protagonists of a Kdrama romantic event.

Kim Sun Ah Hallasan

5- We have a talent for miss-hearing English words in Kpop  lyrics.


We try to know better, but somehow we always end up sticking to them.

By the way, we think our lyrics are more fitting.







CREDITS: SMe, cjes, sbs, tvn, mbc. kanu coffee, FREEPIK.







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