IKut and Tell- This and that

IKut and Tell- TV





  • 2016, the year of pre-produced drama. Is this going to save those generally doomed 4 last episodes? Will they have time to put pajamas on before getting into bed? Or to take their coats off when they are eating in restaurants? Will this mean the end of unnecessary flashbacks? Will we miss all the above? 


the return of SSH & SJK

  • Long time no see! This year sees the return of Gangsta (with a heart of gold), we mean Song Seung Heon (though not gangstering away this time) & Song Jong Ki. Who would have said Gangsta would look good in a pastel colored world! However, we are not sure about Song Joong Ki being an army officer in a war zone. We will have to wait and see.


  • Jung Hyung Don is missed. We hope in 2016 he will report to full duty in reality TV. “Weekly Idol” & “Cool Kiz”  are better with his wit. 


A babyless Kang Ji Hwan

  • We are still wishing for a romcom without a side of melo. Maybe Kang Ji Hwan with a baby will be the one. Sorry Oh Ji Ho, but we do not trust your comedy skills.

IKut and Tell- Karmy




  • High expectations for Junsu’s Karmy Schedule.  We probably won’t see anything until December 2016, but here is to hoping the Korean Army can bag an “international” / “pan-Asian” Christmas musical Army & Police gathering. Maybe this time instead of #YunJae2015 we get #OT52016


Lee Seung Gi King 2hearts

  • We are looking forward to Lee Min Ho’s hiatus (though apparently with a last minute stint in Kdramaland) and hoping that Lee Seung Gi does not take any of the “army active duty” singing spots from DBSK-JYJ!

IKut and Tell- Music



teddy park 2

  • We are fans of Teddy Parks work, but not of the group he has dedicated most of his time to, so quite pleased with the news that he will no longer be working exclusively with YG artists. In our books Kpop’s mantra should be “What Would Teddy Park Do?”.


  •  “Show Me The Money 5” is the only reality music program on our “watch-list” for the year and it will stay there as long as it includes Verbal Jint’s onscreen awkwardness.

IKut and Tell- Cinema


  • Waiting time is over. In 2016 we will get  Park Chan Wook‘s new Korean movie, “The Handmaid”.


hashima island

  • We are really happy that So Ji Sub has finally signed up for what it is a decent and serious project, at least on paper, considering the setting, cast and director.  (1) & (2)


IKut and Tell- Newstand





  • What will be “the good, the bad and the weird” in Korean magazines spreads in 2016? A pity Yoo Ah In, who regularly rules in the three categories, is not going to be around for much longer (Karmy is calling!).

IKut and Tell- Fashion


shinee normcore

  • We missed SHINee  usual=crazy concepts in 2015. Please go back to your origins and runaway from normcore.



  • We like Kang So Ra, that is why we would love for her to fire her coordi. She deserves sooo much better! We were hoping 2016 would be her turning point, but 1 month in nothing seems to have changed.



  • When it comes to men’s coordis, please less catwalk – shopping and a bit more imagination with mixing and macthing in 2016. We don’t agree with the idea of considering some Korean male celebrities fashionistas when they are almost all the time dressed head to toe in catwalk outfits. 


IKut and Tell- Announcement





  • In 2016 a new IKurate will arrive. Same old us with a few extras coming soon!


here we come

  • Trip to South Korea!!! YESSSS!!!






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