IKut & Tell 2015: MUSIC.


IKut and Tell- Music

the hottest a-lister award





Infinite- “Reality” Album- Live Medley

We generally come to Kpop looking for upbeat music. The kind you power walk or do you house chores to. Infinite’s “Reality” is perfect for this. No track skipping here (normally a rarity for us when it comes to Kpop albums)


Basick feat Mamamoo– “Stand up”

This is our 4pm song. Some get coffee as a pick-me-up, we listen to music.

Sorry Junsu, you are not our only 4pm song anymore.

(FYI, “Incredible” is also the song in our favourite wedding dance. Shame about the bit where the best man dry humps the bride).


Tiger JK feat  Jinsil of Mad Soul Child- “Reset” “Who are you-School 2015 OST”

We find the majority of OST sleep inducing. Somehow Tiger JK managed to put a bit of life into this one.

When it comes to the title of the song itself, we don’t agree with what it implies. We don’t want a reset. We were team swimmer all the way.


is this the best you can do are you sure award




Hyukoh- “Hooka”

This was a new discovery this year and is not the type of music we listen to in Korean. Thank you Infinity Challenge for the introduction. In case you don’t know: Beware, you need to be in the mood for it!

iKON- “Apology”

Despite all the hype, “My type”, iKON’s “debut song”, fails on every level. Inexplicably we went from a good vocal line (where is Adele?)  featuring 2 rappers to 2 rappers featuring a visual line (they had to have some to be there for something, right?)

Things got  slightly better when they released  “Apology”  a.k.a. the bonus track that never made it into BIGBANG’s “Alive”.


Superjunior- “Magic” “Magic Special Album Part 2″#

By now Superjunior should have moved on from playing teenagers fighting for just one girl. However, they are here just because we like the “reward system” that SM has implemented.

After paying his dues as “Fruit Shop Owner”, Kangin gets an upgrade and gets the girl at the end.


get lost award





YG spoiled us for choice when having to decide what to include in this section. Boy what a ride!

Every release from BIGBANG this year made us miss “Woooow Fantastic Baby”, who would have thought!

But the worst of the worst this year has to be the TOP trying to sing.

We are very sorry, but it had to be said. The kid should stick to his other endeavours.

TOP- “Hi Haruka” “Secret Message OST”







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