IKut & Tell 2015: TV.

IKut and Tell- TV

the hottest a-lister awardangry mom, I heard it through the grapevine, my beautiful bride and punch

“I heard it through the grapevine” was our show of 2015.

We only have praises for the tongue in cheek tone of  Jung Sung Joo’s writing, mastering the balance between drama and comedy.

In more general terms, it seems that this year ‘The tougher the better’ was our motto.

We did not fully watch (meaning, no fast forwarding) any rom-com or weekend drama, but we did not miss a minute of  “My beautiful bride” or “Punch”.

Continuing with the hardcore theme, it is only fitting that we would choose “Angry mom” as our favorite school drama of the year.

fluttering india

“Exciting India” came and went without much buzz.

We must confess, we are a bit “antis” when it comes to all idols: we like to see them out of their comfort zone.

That is why, when we read that this bunch would be shipped to India, we had to check it out. 

Please ignore the usual cringing scripted bits on every reality (luckily it was very short, so not much time for that) and enjoy the silly shenanigans.

is this the best you can do are you sure award




school 2015, hello monster, six flying dragons

So far we are fully invested in the ups and downs of “Six flying dragons”, but taking into account how only 4 episodes can derail an until-then-good drama, we may be jumping the gun by including it in our year end review.

We are looking at you Who are you: School 2015!

Had it not been for those last nonsensical episodes (long lost sisters not needing to spend any time together, worse than usual false hope to second lead syndrome sufferers, an unnecessary and stupid time jump…)  this show would have our favorite school drama of the year.

Moving on, despite the dark theme we found “I remember you” fun from beginning to end. Obviously we glossed over the questionable parental skills, criminals only being punished if they are not related to the main characters … our usual Kdrama problems.


We recommend watching the first episode of each sport covered by “Cool kiz” to test the waters. In our case when we find the cast or mentors fun, we end up watching episodes, regardless of the sport they are learning.

get lost award

Hyde, Jekyll, Me- A hate story by IK



credits: freepik.




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