IKut & Tell 2015: FASHION.

IKut and Tell- Fashionthe hottest a-lister award




girl's generation lion heart mvGirl’s Generation proved in ‘Lion Heart’ that a Kpop girl’s group can look classy in a music video for a change, by wearing Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Versace instead of the usual cheap looking ripped shorts. (side note: Buttercup would looove to have a fur cuffed silk dress to paint in, though it seems it could also double as a fortune-teller uniform!)

white shirtJoo Ji Hoon, please stick to your current coordi!

Despite wearing what others might describe as just boring white shirts, we found them unique even making the usually dull chaebol (as they always come across at beginning of any Kdrama) appear more interesting.

In “Mask” the tailoring of his suits was also on point.

is this the best you can do are you sure award





smelly girl

Nice try Smelly girl! The casual shoulder bag look is very appropriate for a part timer comedian-wannabe, however, the amazing branded selection you get to parade around is far too flashy.

park seo joon wide trousers

We are fully on board with the new trend of wider men’s trousers as worn in “She was pretty”; but dear Park Seo Joon,  let’s leave out the palazzo pants, and if they are WHITE AND SEE THROUGH, please just burn them!

get lost award




priest in high heels

Does a 1.85 m priest need high heels? Twice?

Kang Dong Won making obvious Yves Saint Laurent FW15 should have stayed in Heidi Slimane’s head or used as wardrobe for “Zoolander No.2”. (btw it seems his SS16 collection hasn’t gotten any better).


Chokers. They were not a good idea in the 90s, 20 years later they are still a no-no.




credits: SOOMPI, koreandramafashion.com, stylem..mt.co.kr, wink123.tistory.com, sports.chosun,com, instiz.net, freepik.




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