IKut & Tell 2015: KARMY.

IKut and Tell- Karmy

the hottest a-lister award


It felt like 2005 all over again… #YunJae2015  (and not in a fanfic way).

is this the best you can do are you sure award







We would like to introduce you (in case you still need to) to the Seoul Police Instagram account:

We can see they are trying to get as many people as possible to pay attention to their activities (on and off stage), but when you hashtag #idol, #kpop and “shout” LEE DONG HAE, your comments section is going to turn into a fancafe, pushing aside real police work.


Seoul Police Community Manager’s job description must include having years of experience dealing with Korean boyband fandoms.


get lost award






Not sure having Song Seung Heon as your military icon is the way to go….though maybe this is Jaejoong & Yunho‘s subtle way of showing they want to be considered for the lead in ‘Obsessed II’  (again not in a fanfic way).

yoochun final2










On the other hand, Yoochun is either going method for “I am the King II” or he is sending a message to his fans: ‘You should have given me a backpack for my birthday”. (Apparently massage chairs are not his present of choice prior enlistment).



credits: as tagged, newsen.com, isplus.live.joins.com, gall.dcinside.com, sports.donga.com, campreading.or.kr.





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