IKut & Tell 2015: CINEMA.

IKut and Tell- Cinemathe hottest a-lister award





We are stating the obvious: ““Assassination” & “Veteran” are not masterpieces”, but we got our money’s worth. They both are entertaining  popcorn movies.

assassination F

“Assassination” is a treat looks-wise both set and cast, so you don’t raise an eyebrow (or do you?) when Lee Jun Jae‘s character finds it NECESSARY  to change outfits in the middle of a crucial scene like this:



veteran F

We were thinking of recommending “Veteran” (we are always ready to spread the Korean Love!) to even our mothers. However, this thought lasted about 20 minutes, that’s when Korean style violence in all its “glory” kicked in.

is this the best you can do are you sure award

hb f

We have liked  Oh Seung Wook & Yoo Ha‘s work in the past, so we had high expectations for both “The Shameless” & “Gangnam Blues”. This time, we think CEO Joo Won should have had a meeting with them before they released these movies.

get lost award





sjs FF

We should know better than watching a movie because of its cast. Somehow we got tricked again with “Twenty” and “Wonderful Nightmare”.

credits: freepik.



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