IKut & Tell 2015: NEWSAGENT.


the hottest a-lister award

Lee Jin Wook 2015Apparently the less Lee Jin Wook showers the better he looks.
Had he gone for this “urban hobo” image, maybe we could have watched more than one episode of “The time I loved you”.
CL 2015Probably the first and last time CL will feature on IKurate, but we like to give credit where credit is due.
Assassination Cast 2015
This spread comes short compared with how the cast was styled in “Assassination”, but at the time it made us look forward to it.
Hyun Bin 2015This was a good way of apologising  to his fans for what he put them through in 2015.
All right Hyun Bin, all is forgiven and forgotten.
is this the best you can do are you sure award
sleep deprived Kim Beom
Kim Beom in B&W,  good.
Sleep deprivation concept, not so much.
Uhm Jung Hwa 2015
Uhm Jung Hwa proving she can look stylish when she leaves her usual skin tight & short bodycon dresses at home.
Pity the hairstylist had the day off.
D-Day 2015
Kudos to the palette and lighting, though a bit awkward when it comes to their poses. Kim Young Kwang & Jung So Min require a skillful director (or a few fruit crates) to get  them into the same frame :  (1) & (2).
Seo In Guk 2015
When clothes are bad but you still manage to look ok-ish. Poor Seo In Guk, 2015 and in catalogues still featuring white leather belts.
get lost award
Kim Byung Ok 2015
It’s not personal, we know it was not Kim Byung Ok‘s fault.
Park Shin Hye 2015
In our eyes this is what happens when the whole photoshoot production team is against you.
Park Shin Hye, you don’t deserve to look like a middle aged Real Housewife of Orange County.
Veteran Cast 2015The cast of “Veteran” should have said NO to a photoshoot that included SM (the other kind of entertainment) fencing uniforms and  Jang Yoon Ju elbowing the “too close for comfort” Hwang Jeong Min & Yoo Ah In.
Jo In Sung 2015When Jo In Sung can look as he does on screen (coat fest), why doesn’t anyone stop him from using his “hands-on-hips” go-to pose?
credits: ELLE KOREA, W KOREA, HIGH CUT, K2, SINGLES KOREA, HARPER’s bazaar korea, CECI, maxim korea, esquire korea, VOSTRO, parkland, freepik.

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