imaginary cat (2)


“Charming, adorable, and sweet. If you were wondering if the newest webtoon adaptation Imaginary Cat would deliver the cute, you were absolutely right”.

Episode 08  (finale)   Episode 07  Episode 06    Episode 05   Episode 04  Episode 03    Episode 02    Episode 01


“Despite these faults, Imaginary Cat was still worth the watch”.

Series review

kfangurl@the fan girl verdict:

“Uneven, but with enough cute and poignance to make it worthwhile. Aw, who am I kidding. Bok Gil alone makes this worthwhile”.

Series review


“Entertaining little drama, but one which sadly does not live up to its potential”.

Series review   First impressions


Even if you aren’t a cat lover, Yoo Seung-ho‘s rapport with the ginger kitty sizzles onscreen”.

Series review   First impressions

evelyn lee@edramaclouds:


Two words to describe this show: Cuteness overload!!!”

Episode 08  (finale)  Episode 07    Episode 06    Episode 05   Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   First impressions





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