This is not our usual “links to recaps” post, but we feel that we owe to the recapping community to spread the word about the misusing of their hard work.

To all the recappers out there,



kwon sang seung@dramajjang:

“I am referring to, a site that hasn’t only illegally posted articles coming from dramajjang, there are reviews, recaps and other articles coming from other blogs and big sites of our community and that site doesn’t give any credit and they never asked in the first place if we wanted our articles to be posted there. (…)

Some blogs and sites that are in the same situation are Couch Kimchi (and i am deeply thankful for informing me in the first place), CimiArt, ThoughtsRamble, HanCinema, Dramabeans, KDramaRecaps, Enjoy Korea With Hui, Koala’s Playground, etc. “.

[Important Message] ~ The Art of Copy/Paste and other Dramaland Stories.

[Important Message] ~ The Art of Time Traveling, Editing, Copy/Paste and more Dramaland Stories.

neenee@asian addicts anonymous:

“Content thieves can ruin hardworking bloggers just like they can ruin fansubbers. Please let us not support them or their sites and if you notice someone has taken content from a place you frequent, let the blogger know”.

Serious business of content theft

jaime@the drama noona:

“On behalf of my dear drama friends that have been harmed by the illicit actions of ZKPOP I beg you to spread the word, reblog this post as much as you wish, tweet about the evils of ZKPOP, and tell all your friends to stay away from that black hole! Together we are stronger than these terrible people, together we can make a difference and protect one another!”.

Together we can stop zkpop !!


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