I remember you

william schwartz@hancinema:

“It’s still too early to make any definitive statement about “Remember You”, but for now I’m cautiously optimistic”.

Episode 16 (finale)   Episode 15  Episode 14   Episode 13  Episode 12  Episode 11  Episode 10  Episode 09  Episode 08  Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01


“WHAT THE HECK. This drama has it all; suspense, comedy, chemistry, mystery, dark. It is just that good. Starting from minute 1 I was hooked”.

Series review  Episode 16 (finale)  Episode 15  Episode 14  Episode 13  Episode 12  Episode 11 Episode 10  Episode 09   Episode 08   Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01

only@noonas over forks:

“Another point in the show’s favour is the interesting visual style. I liked how they used skewed camera angles for both Hyun and Joon Young, to convey how different they are from everyone else.”

Series review  Episode 16 (finale)   Episode 15  Episode 14   Episode 13   Episode 12   Episode 11  Episode 10  Episode 09  Episode 08  Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01

kmuse@the crazy ahjummas:

” This is a lot deeper in content than I was expecting.  So far it reminds me of the drama “White Christmas” except with a glossier shine.”

Episode 16 (finale)   Episode 15  Episode 14   Episode 13  Episode 12  Episode 11  Episode 10   Episode 09   Episode 08  Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01


“What an interesting premise. With that ending, I understand why Hello Monster would have also been a fitting title, though I Remember You definitely takes the burden off of the central question: Are monsters born or made? I find that this ending, while not quite a cliffhanger, asks a complex and compelling question that makes me want to watch more”.

(also rejoycie)

Episode 16 (finale)  Episode 15  Episode 14  Episode 13   Episode 12   Episode 11  Episode 10  Episode 09  Episode 08  Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01


“I started recapping this drama because I love the actors. It seems to be a Sherlock Holmes vs Moriarty story in which two super brains play a game of life and death at the expense of ordinary people”.

Series review  Episode 16 (finale)  Episode 15  Episode 14  Episode 13  Episode 12   Episode 11   Episode 10  Episode 09  Episode 08  Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01

evelyn lee@edramaclouds:

“Damn, it’s really good. The thriller, mystery, curiosity and crime investigation. Comedy is a plus bonus. Maybe it’s still early to say all these, but still, it’s my taste”.

Episode 16 (finale)  Episode 15   Episode 14  Episode 13  Episode 12  Episode 11  Episode 10   Episode 09  Episode 08   Episode 07   Episode 06   Episode 05   Episode 04  Episode 03  Episodes 01 & 02


“For those who’ve yet to see this drama, I seriously recommend it. Yes, there are a few flaws (choppy music editing, scenes meshed haphazardly, poor music choice) but look past those and you get the sort of show Korea has (I think I can safely say this) never done before and that I want more of (please? now!).”.

Series review IV  Series review III   Series review II   Series review I

classy@drama views:

“Daebak! That sums it up. Narrative holes, choppy editing, dull, saggy unwanted moments aside. Well written with a sustainable narration, the show went just at the right pace”.

Series review


“This drama was skilled at maintaining the viewer’s interest and keeping them part thrilled, part in awe, part sad, and part laughing”.

Series review

clockwatcher@couch kimchi:

“I agree with others who think Seo In Guk is doing really well in this role. I have to admit that his mysterious character is what gets me most glued to my screen”.

Episodes 07 & 08  Episodes 05 & 06  Episodes 03 & 04

timescout@a touch of drama:

” I’m not a big fan of mixing levity with suspence as so often it does not work… like at all. Especially in kdramas. Humour is ok if it’s deftly intergated and knows it’s ‘place’, so to speak”. 

Series review  First impressions

xtina agogo@k-drama central:

” this is just the first episode, and there is still time for the intense character study of an obsessive saesang and the psychopath she stalks that I know we all want”. 

Episode 01

ninja@ninja reflection:

“Boy, there are a lot of crazy leads around K-drama lately… This show is definitely a lot darker than I expected with an equal amount of intrigue that is built into BOTH of our leads”.

Episodes 15 & 16 (finale)  Episodes 13 & 14  Episodes 09 to 12   Episodes 05 to 08   Episodes 03 &04  First impressions


I Remember You is off to a strong start, revealing just enough to keep me intrigued while creating characters that are entertaining to watch”.

First impressions

amber@style me maybe:

” They have a playful, constantly delightful chemistry. I can’t recommend this drama enough”.

First impressions


I like this show. It has a little bit of everything: quirkly rom-com, psychological thriller, action, and Seo In-gook”.

Series review  Mid series review (up to episode 10)  First impressions


“Ah the potential is there! While I do enjoy the more grungy crime thrillers that air on the cable channels, I am still open to mainstream types if they are done well. This drama combines lightheartedness with a streak of pitch black”.

First impressions

@the only shamz:

“The first episode of this drama gave me the chills”.

Episode 03   Episode 02  Episode 01

andrea@it started with a kdrama:

” Can I start out by saying how addicted I am to this drama?”

First impressions (up to episode 08)

leejin@leejin’s drama corner:

“I’ve been steadily enjoying the drama, but honestly, the pace felt a little slow for me. Or maybe it’s not the pace, but the subplots”.

First impressions (up to episode 08)


“All in all, I enjoyed these 8 episodes and I’m looking forward to the other remaining ones. Hope the writer won’t mess too much with Min and Hyun and won’t exaggerate with the romance between Ji Ah and Hyun”.

Episodes 13 to 16 (finale)  Episodes 09 to 12  First impressions (up to episode 08)

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