masked prosecutor


“I think watching this would be more for watching the chemistry between Joo Sang Wook and Kim Sun Ah, unless the writer comes up with something less generic as the story unfolds“.

Series review   Episodes 01 to 08   First impressions

solitude higgs@kdrama chronicles:

“At the end… should you watch this show? Hum… if you’re a fan of Joo Sang Wook and/or Kim Sun Ah, yes! Masked Prosecutor is a nice Summer drama, rather light and decently well written”.

Series review

chelseaartist95@drama heaven:

“The story was played out pretty well but  the story had room for such awesome-ness and all I can say was that the result was weak. I watched it religiously but It left me wanting more a little more romance, action and back story”.

Series review

ninja@ninja reflection:

“I was kinda hoping for a super light show but with so many body counts and two deeply damaged leads I guess I’ll have to settle for some meaty materials”.

Episodes 03 & 04   Episodes 01 & 02


“(…) I’m willing to give the languid pace of the “origin story” a free pass because my expectations are based on what the adult versions will do”.

(also saya & lollypip)

Episode 05   Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01


“At the moment, the comedy is not really central enough for it to be a considerable selling point and at the same time the darker parts have been badly set up by lacking backstory and poor execution”.

Series review   Episodes 01 to 04


“‘Tonally, there is a mix of humor, urgency, action, and procedural rigor that doesn’t quite fit right as it comes together. It is not that a show can’t mix these elements, it’s how it is done”.

Episode 16 (finale)   Episode 15   Episode 14   Episode 13   Episode 12   Episode 11   Episode 10   Episode 09   Episode 08   Episode 07   Episode 06   Episode 05   Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01

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