ex girlfriend club junggugeo kaenada@noonas over forks:

“Given how humiliating the premise is, “Ex-Girlfriend Club” has two things in its favour. First. a female lead that I can get behind. (…)The second best thing about the show is Byun Yo Han as ladies man, Myeong Soo. “

Episode 12 (finale)   Episode 11  Episode 10  Episode 09  Episode 08  Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01 

@enjoy korea with hui:

“Soo Jin is amazed that the writer of the webtoon ‘I introduce my ex-girlfriends’ is her ex-boyfriend.”

Episode 12 (finale)  Episode 11  Episode 10  Episode 09  Episode 08  Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02   Episode 01


”  The webcomic is about MungSoo’s ex-girlfriends. It just so happens, SooJin is also an ex-girlfriend of MungSoo”.

Series review  Episode 12 (finale)  Episode 11  Episode 10  Episode 09  Episode 08  Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01

vivi@kdrama fighting:

Ex-Girlfriend Club simultaneously makes me excited and furious to review. Excited because, in spite of going up against some major drama heavyweights, it ended up as my favorite summer series so far. Furious because apparently no one in Korea felt the same way, so dismal ratings cut the series short”.

Series review


” I liked ‘Ex-girlfriend club’ and I actually recommend it to anyone who wants something easy to digest that has some romance and unintentional friendship as well”.

Series review

solitude higgs@kdrama chronicles:

“This is NOT your typical drama, with lots of romance, a crazy mother-in-law, hot chaebols, and a wedding at the end. It is about life and love when you’re in your thirties…Ex-girlfriends club may not be the most dramatic show ever, but it will certainly make you laugh a few times, and get a smile on your face as well”.

Series review



“(…) the drama went out in much the manner of its run: sweet, understated, and feel-good. This was never a drama where Big Things happened, focusing more on everyday interactions and relationships, peppered with some seriously gut-busting comedy”.

Series review

kdrama high@kdrama high:

“I think the keywords for this drama are normal, sensible, and funny. The drama wasn’t an epic melodrama or anything but it had a lot of good moments and a good cast that made it enjoyable to watch”.

Series review

dongsaeng@the crazy ahjummas:

” I am excited to be sharing this drama with you all and just hope it can get some of the love that it clearly deserves!”.

Episode 08  Episode 07  Episode 06  Episodes 01 to 05

ninja@ninja reflection:

“My interest is definitely piqued after watching Ex-Girlfriend Club’s first two episodes. Despite being set up episodes where lots of characters are introduced in succession, the show moves smoothly and at a fast clip”.

Episodes 03 to 06  Episode 01 & 02

professor akia@akiatalking:

“It might hit a nice balance between cute, crazy, and dumb that most tvN shows fail to hit”.

First impressions

audreymgonzalez@feminist kdrama feels:

“There are a lot of elements to the setup I have to suspend my disbelief on”.

Episodes 05 & 06  First impressions

cali@diary of a k-drama addict:

“This show has the potential to be a very funny drama as long as it never takes itself too seriously. I can’t wait to see where the story goes and how the characters are developed”.

Series review  First impressions

estelle@drama for real:

“Byun Ho Yan does not disappoint either. I love how natural he seems in his role, but it is not a far departure from his character in Misaeng “.

First impressions


“‘ Everything looks and sounds nice, there are no huge problems with the presentation yet and its topic is an interesting one. Its great cast elevates the material given and their individual performances as well as interactions are fun. At the same time, the story and characters have great potential. The creators just need to start exploring it soon”.

Series review   First impressions

clockwatcher@couch kimchi:

“My impressions are based on the first six episodes and I must admit that I didn’t love the first two. They were funny but were also a little shallow and the exes got on my nerves but now that all the characters have been fully drawn and the show has gotten more honest and emotional, I’m all in”.

Episode 09 & 10  Episodes 07 & 08  First impressions (up to episode 06)


“So far, Ex-Girlfriend Club is doing a solid job of moving its plot along, and it has a wacky sort of charm to it. We have also gotten to a point where several situations are starting to intersect”.

Episodes 09 to 12 (finale)  Episodes 05 to 08  First impressions (up to episode 04)


“This show gets better as I watch it again just do the recaps. The premise starts off slow as it is trying to get its footing, but towards the end of the episode, we know that we are in for some actions between the exes in the upcoming episodes”.

Episode 12 (finale)   Episode 11  Episode 10  Episode 09  Episode 08 Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01

charmedangeI8@crazy about asian dramas:

“I can’t wait to see what the upcoming episode will bring! One thing is for sure, I’m hoping for some more funny scenes with the ex-girlfriends, Soo Jin, and Myung Soo!”.

Mid review (up to episode 04)

chunkeemonkeeato@musings of a chunkeemonkeeato:

“At only 12 episodes, you’d think that the story would be tight and the three acts structure would be obvious. However, it seemed that the writers didn’t think past the original concept of the drama”.

Series review


” I’ll continue watching this when I have time“.

First impressions

 jomo@a koala’s playground:

“All the music is sensational. (…) the selection always sets the mood and highlights the emotions perfectly. (If there is a list somewhere I would love to download all of it.)

Cinematography and set design are also first rate”.

First impressions

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