questions and nominations

We love the idea of interacting with other bloggers through these awards. However, since we want to keep this Asian Entertainment related and we are a little bit late in the game, we feel we may end up putting all of you in a “receiving/giving nomination loop”.  Also, we don’t want to pressure people into having to answer/nominate. So, it’s all up to you, we are sure there is no curse that will befall you if you decide to break the rules.

liebster rules

Here are our nominees to the Liebster Award (apologies if you have more than 200 followers and we have nominated you – to us all of you deserve more than 200 followers) in no particular order:

Breathless Survival, we love your good mix of Asian drama and gossip updates. (We also like the way it looks!)

Alora from F4Plus1 because your About page tells us all about your group’s “never give up” attitude and embracing your love for all things K-entertainment. 

Ninja Reflection, you are a true ninja recapper! You cover so many dramas  including weekend ones and even having a go at dailies!

Misslee1107 at Wandering thoughts,  apologies first of all, for giving you extra work with this nomination. We are aware of the hard work all those very many recaps you publish must be.

The Crazy Ahjummas, you made the hate watching of Hyde, Jekyll, Me  possible and for that we will be forever grateful.

Korean Drama Fashion, you make us wonder at the amount of high end brands an unemployed Korean can wear,

Kwon Sang Seung & Hanakimi91 at Dramajjang, one more nomination won’t hurt, will it?? (You deserve all of them!)

Our latests additions to our recappers rooster:

Shamrockmom’s house, we share the love for Jung Soong Joo!

This is it,  you impress us with the shows you blog about, not only from Asia, but also the States and Spain.

Bosun_Mcshiny at Actual results may vary. Your Nodame Cantabile recaps were very insightful. We hope there is another good Kdrama along the line to get you back to recapping. And for this, because we all have been through some of these 10 stages:

Kdrama problems

We would also love for Mochirochi at Mocorochi to  come back to active duty and for  Chom2 at Handrama to also find another Kdrama to recap weekly.

And we finish with the questions we would love our nominees to answer:

  1. What is your favourite song from a Kdrama OST?
  2. What is your favourite setting of a Kdrama?
  3. Which Kdrama couple do you think has the most chemistry (doesn’t have to be a OTP)?
  4. Which Kdrama character would you like to go on a vacation with?
  5. Which Kdrama character do you think has the best wardrobe?
  6. Which Kdrama have you laughed the most with?
  7. Which Kdrama have you cried the most with?
  8. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
  9. Which one of your blog posts are you most proud of?
  10. Which Kdrama would you have never wanted to end?
  11. Pick a DBSK song! 




  1. OMO! Kamsahamnida!!
    Totally didn’t expect this wonderful surprise. Yes, I haven’t been able to squee as much online, but I still am connected to the KDrama universe 🙂
    If only I’m able to keep my eyes open beyond 8pm local time… LOL!!


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