liebsterAnd so we got nominated for another award. This time the “Liebster Award” which tries to help small blogs be better known. Many thanks to blue at kdramaendings for the nomination. As it seems to keep happening, in the time it took us to answer the first nomination, we got nominated again. Many thanks to to lemonmirae at dramachaser as well.

(Since we fear this may end  up being too long, we will post our answers to lemonmirae’s questions on a separate post as well as our nominees and their questions)

Without further ado our answers to the questions proposed by blue:

1.What is to you, the best drama of all times? And why?

We have to refer you to the answer to question No 5 of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award nomination post. (A clue in the diagram below)

diagram2. Name three favorite actors and three favorite actresses of yours.

  • Because of their good looks: SONG HYE KYO & SO JI SUB (and our fascination with his pretty hands)


  • Because of their “statement/never boring/always something to look forward to” fashion choices; PARK JUNG GEUM & CHOI WON YOUNG


  • Because she keeps proving there is no small part: KIM MI KYUNG

kim mi kyung

  • Because of his son, aka Sexy Ahjussi: KIM YOUNG GEON

(If we talk about Korean actors, we HAVE to mention Ha Jung Woo at some point and his career of late (poor him!) forced us to shoe horn him in our Kdrama based post this way)


3. Do you prefer the city or the countryside and why?

We would probably have to choose city mainly because most contemporary Kdramas take place in urban areas. Though, in the few occasions they move the setting to the countryside, obviously because the OTP needs to get stranded!, we are shown gems like this and… quantity or quality?

worlds within house

4. If there was one thing you could change about your character overnight, what would it be?

Like most Kdrama watchers, when we do it “overnight”  we would love to be able press STOP and not watch “that one more episode”.


5. What is your favorite drama/movie genre?

We are fine with everything. However, we try to stay away from anything that makes us cry rivers, we need a clear vision in order to read the subtitles. (i.e. this scene should have come with a cry-warning)

6. What is the most challenging thing about blogging?

At IKurate the most challenging thing is finding recappers of weekend Kdramas.

wkend dramas2

7. Finish this sentence: Life is worth living because

After having watched Scent of a Woman, our role model’s other incarnation, Lee Yeon Jae, showed us that even when you are on your death bed, there is always a tall chaebol tango dancer to be found.

Even if he comes up with embarrassing presents like this. (Sorry but we have a bit of a problem with these over the top supposedly cute scenes).

ldw present

8. You win 5 Million dollars, what is the first thing you buy?

Since we cannot make our minds up about what to buy, we have decided to give us just the 2 days from question 10 to spend them.

(With our tongues firmly against our cheeks, time for our regular DBSK shout-out)

On our two last days on Earth with 5 million dollars to spend on 1 thing would go down like this:

We would rush to the closest airport (during the journey we would say goodbye to friends and family- we haven’t forgotten about them in the middle of all this craziness) to get on a plane to SEOUL. Whilst flying in first class (as we need working phones) we would arrange for the 5 million $ to go to charity/charities chosen by DBSK (OT5) with the condition that they re-unite to sing one song to us live (they would be welcomed to sing more) which we would live stream for the rest of the world to see. Let’s face it, denying charities 5 mill $ would be very bad PR.

By the way, after this we would expect Cassies and Big East to at least get our name in a pretty park or in a theater.
presents to ikurate

9. Share with us your top 3 pet peeves.

  • Korean actors executing the most common tasks in the most incredibly difficult or uncomfortable manner just because they HAVE TO HAVE A HAND IN A POCKET!.


blue bird house

  • Shoved down your throat product placements – even if our inside ahjumma finds that washing machine mind blowing.

choi jin hyuk vacuumingangry mom laundry





  • Undercover outfits according to Kdrama coordis.

undercover clothes

10. If you knew you only had 2 days left to live, state three things you would do?

(answered with No 8)

11. Have you accomplished something that you’re really proud of? What is it?

Finding a way of featuring Kdrama and/or DBSK in all of our answers to the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award and Liebster Award nominations.


Before we go, here are the rules:

liebster rules







3 thoughts on “LIEBSTER AWARD.

  1. Loved it, ESPECIALLY the DBSK part!! That’s so amazing, I would fly to Seoul too to see them reunited thanks to you, and maybe we would meet cause I would have a “Blue / Kdrama Endings” T-shirt to get a VIP pass to say hello to you!

    Ohh the black leather outfit to try to blend in, that was excellent!!! Love me some Healer, but seeing him dressed like this trying not to get noticed is too funny!

    Loved the list of actors as well!!! Thanks for taking the time to reply guys!!


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