fall in love with soon jung


“I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t bursting at the seams with excitement about the Heartless City bros reunion in Innocence. It practically pains me to watch Jung Kyung-hoand Yoon Hyun-min be pitted against one another in this show, especially since their off-screen bromance is so very real.”

Episode 16 (finale)  Episode 15  Episode 14  Episode 13  Episode 12   Episode 11  Episode 10  Episode 09  Episode 08  Episode 07  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04  Episode 03  Episode 02  Episode 01


“Well, what are you all thinking about the first episodes of FILWSJ? Are you in love with Soon Jung? Do you love the Bad Boy? Are you secretly in love with the Bad Man (Don’t tell us that—we will be knocking on your door. LOL)? Are you heartbroken over Dong Wook? “.

(also amy, akua & ekun)

Episode 15 & 16  Episodes 13 & 14  Episodes 11 &  12  Episodes 09 & 10  Episodes 07 & 08  Episodes 05 & 06  Episodes 03 & 04  Episodes 01 & 02

mslee1107@wandering thoughts:

“I like how the drama started. The chemistry is intense already between Min Ho and Soon Jung.”

Episode 16 (finale)  Episode 15  Episode 11 & 12  Mid review (up to episode 10)  Episode 06  Episode 05  Episode 04   Episode 03  Episodes 01 & 02

kmuse@the crazy ahjummas:

“Oh Falling For Innocence, how you have sucked me into your wicked web of dramady.  I had just congratulated myself on the fact that I no longer “had” to watch a drama the second it came out with subs”.

(also dongsaeng)

First impressions (up to episode 08)


“(…) I like the storyline. The story is fast-paced and there is no room for misunderstanding as it cuts through the chase, just like Min Ho.”.

First impressions (up to episode 08)


“Overall I am enjoying the drama but to be honest I’m not doing it to its fullest, I’m not really into it as much as I would like, probably because as I already said it Dong Wook had a big impact on the story, thing that made everything else look not that impressive. However I’m looking forward to see how things will evolve and how Min Ho will deal with his new heart or how things will end for Jung Hee”.

First impressions (up to episode 06)

ninja@ninja reflection:

“I was super excited to watch this show since it has Jung Kyung Ho and Kim So Yeon in it. The first two episodes didn’t disappoint even though it was fairly predictable as set up episodes go “.

Episode 01 & 02 


” I’ve always wanted this plot to come to life in a drama ever since I listened to Timeless by Junsu and Zhang LiYin which came out in 2006. A super long wait which I am finally satisfying with Falling for Innocence”.

First impressions

kaede jun@kaede+jun:

“(…)It’s a very complicated set-up to begin with, and it makes the drama more of a melodrama than a romantic comedy I hoped it would be. Nevertheless, I’m curious to see what comes of it”. 

Series review  First impressions

estelle@drama for real:

” Falling for Innocence has me falling for it pretty much immediately. All of the characters – yes, even the snobby Min Ho (we all know he will change) – has me cheering for them. I like that it isn’t just a straight forward love story and there is some revenge, scheming and mystery involved”.

First impressions



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