We would like to start by thanking The A -Philosopher’s Chair for nominating us to “The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award”. To our surprise we received a second nomination while getting our answers to the questionnaire of our first nomination ready. We truly appreciate your nomination as well, Missienelly (

When we started our blog, not that long ago, we did not know what to expect and finding other bloggers who seem to appreciate what we try to do to the point of nominating us feels like an undeserved prize.

 rulesWithout further a due, we will get on with answering the questions included in our first nomination:

1. Which side are you on: (A) « La parole est d’argent, mais le silence est d’or. » (“Speech is silver, but silence is golden.”) or (B) “If there are people who truly want to live on in this world, they should first speak, laugh, cry, scold and fight without fear, chasing away this cursed era in this cursed place!”?

We have to go for “B”, since our blog exists thanks to the many opinion/voices of hard working Kdrama recappers and we look forward to finding many more.

2. Is there a book author or blogger whose tone of writing reminds you of a close friend or mentor?

The short answer is no. However, we find there are certain Kdrama writers, we would love to have as friends or mentors. The Hong Sisters, based on the stories of their dramas, would be the ideal company for a crazy girl’s night out.

On the other hand, Jung Sung Joo would seem like an obvious choice for a mentor. However, his latest drama/dark comedy is making us re-think which camp we would put him in.

jung sung joo3. What is the first word you utter after waking up? & 4. What is the first word someone says to you in the morning?

Update” is the word we hear and say first, being the first thing we think of and say to ourselves. Since starting our blog “updating” (looking for all the recaps published overnight with a coffee in hand) has become part of our morning routine.

We also feel the pressure of saying our fans should come first.

5. Black, white or grey?

diagramWe are going for “GREY”. In Kdrama terms we have not found a drama so bad that we could not watch it. We always seem to find a saving grace for them. Call it PoA (Jang Geun Suk aka Prince of Asia) in “Bel Ami” or Kim Sun Ah in “Scent of a woman”.

On the other hand, we are yet to encounter the perfect Kdrama. We always pick on something. Go Eun Chan’s mother’s dealings and wheeling’s with the neighbourhood ahjussis in “Coffee Prince” or how the 1 ½ hr length of the episodes of “Misaeng” made them almost as dull as the office life it portrayed.

misaeng6. Thunderstorm or drizzle?

It depends on the mood of the day, so both. Sometimes we feel like watching something explosive, loud and intense like a thunderstorm.

thunderstormSome other days we just want to wrap up and indulge in something mild and gentle like a drizzle.

drizzle7. Water or fire?

Fire! We love it when sparks fly on screen.

Exhibit A: Lee Dong Wook with Lee Si Young

Exhibit B: Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk

Exhibit C: Seo In Guk with Jung Eun Ji

8. Orange Marmalade or orange marmalade?

Orange Marmalade, KBS2. Looking forward to watching Yeo Jin Goo dealing with high school vampires.

orange marmalade9. If there is such a thing as DNA of the spirit (e.g. in terms of never-say-die mentality) that is independent of biological connections, which historical figure would you trace your genealogy to?

The historical figure in Kdramaland we choose is Shin Mi Rae in City Hall. Aside from everything she achieved for Inju’s citizens, we also look up to her because of things like this:

10. Between a rock and a hard place: does the choice make a difference?

No. An example could be: Watching the train wreck that is “Hyde, Jekyll and I” or missing Hyun Bin’s comeback after a 4 year break.

Wrapping up, our nominees, in alphabetical order are:

  •  Beatus Corner because our inner geeks feel very grateful for this daily updated source of information and data on Kdramas.
  • Everyone at Couch Kimchi because our coffee breaks would not be the same without their magazine pictorials’ posts. (side note: at the moment we also share the love/hate for Japanese contemporary dancers)
  • Junggugeo Kaenada & Only at Noonas Over Forks because those mouth-watering food posts and their Kdrama posts are the perfect combo for us.
  • Everybody at The Problematic of the Unproblematic because their snark/squee-toned recaps along with their kdrama characters’ nicknames are right up our alley.
  • Soori at Shikidrama because we are in awe of her commitment to “The legendary witch”.

And we finish with the questions we would love our nominees to answer:

  1. What is your go-to Kdrama?
  2. What is your most memorable Kdrama “binge-watch”?
  3. What is your favourite Kdrama scene?
  4. Which Kdrama actor/actress you would watch in anything?
  5. Which Kdrama actor/actress you cannot deal with?
  6. What is the worst Kdrama you have ever watched and finished?
  7. What is the last Kdrama you could not finish?
  8. What is your ideal Kdrama team (writer, director & main cast)?
  9. How do you choose a Kdrama to recap?
  10. Do you have a favourite Korean word/expression learnt after watching Kdramas?





CREDITS: JAEJOONGARABFANSC2, XCAMICHAN, leota laurel, sbs, kbs2, tvn


  1. Thank you so much for nominating us & congrats for your double nominations. We’ve answered the questions on our blog ^^
    Btw, omg that gorilla scene… and that train-wrecked Hyde Jekyll, I… I tried for the sake of Hyun Bin because I really missed him in KDramaland but… I had to drop it & read the recaps instead. Hopefully he’ll choose a much better project next time.


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