blue bird's house


“Unlike Wonderful Season and What’s With This Family, where I already pre-liked the cast to bits, and had pretty strong first-episode outings, Bluebird’s House doesn’t feel as cohesive, solid and assured”.

Episode 01

solitude higgs@kdrama chronicles:

” I wouldn’t recommend watching it if you have NEVER watched a long series (…). In the end, do I regret watching it? No. But that title wouldn’t not make the cut in my “best to watch” list”.”

Series review

this is IT@this is IT:

” Everything so far feels iiinnnnnterestinnnnng”.

Episodes 33 & 34   Episodes 31 & 32   Episodes 29 & 30   Episodes 27 & 28   Episodes 25 & 26   Episode 24   Episode 23   Episodes 21 & 22   Episode 20   Episode 19   Episodes 17 & 18   Episodes 15 & 16   Episodes 13 & 14   Episodes 11 & 12   Episodes 05 to 10   Episodes 03 & 04   Episodes 01 & 02

ninja@ninja reflection:

“Strangely interesting… but I am not loving it yet. Now that the story is mostly set up I think the plot might start get going in earnest. So I am going to need at least another two episode to make a judgement call on this one. At this point, I don’t dislike any of the characters, but I am also not that curious about any of them yet”.

Episodes 05 to 12   Episodes 01 to 04


” To be franc, “Blue Bird’s house” isn’t anything special however the writer incorporated all the things that attract attention when it comes to weekend family dramas, and those things are: secret birth, a stolen company, irritating characters and at least two main families. Luckily, the writer wanted to change something, so she decided to complicate the story even more by adding 3 main families giving us more headaches”.

Episodes 08 to 10   Episode 07   Episodes 01 to 06


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