IKomment 18/01/15


buttercup: New year, new beginnings.

ghostwriter: Yes. About time we wrote an IKomment post.

buttercup: Totally. Let’s comment away and dramas should go first, starting with a heartfelt farewell to Choi Jin-Hyuk a.k.a. SEX HEIR (name and priceless gif below that should be copyrighted by The Problematic of the Unproblematic).

ghostwriter: The Heirs and the discovery of Sex Heir….so much hope for his future and then Emergency Couple and Fated to Love You happened. Glad he is done Pride & Prejudice.

buttercup: Yes, so happy. Pride & Prejudice has been his redeeming show though I haven’t finished it… Still I don’t want to think about him being away for two years, I am already crying inside!

ghostwriter: I am sure he shares your pain about having to go to the army. Don’t want to be rude but we have to get back to commenting. Should we do this with some order and start with Monday shows? Healer?

buttercup: I can see you want to avoid talking about Valid Love… I get it. One cannot see the light at the end of that tunnel.

ghostwriter: Sorry, but I rather talk about Ji Chang-Wook finally playing a likeable character, after Five Fingers and the unfinishable Empress Ki.

buttercup: True. I also like Park Min-Young here and they are very cute together.

ghostwriter: My favorite parts are their quiet moments and Healer talking to Ahjumma.

buttercup: Ahjumma (Kim Mi-Kyung) who only hacks, makes gimbap and knits, but somehow still manages to make her scenes interesting.

ahjummaghostwriter: The fluff from Healer is good to compensate the angst of Punch, Valid Love and Pride & Prejudice.

buttercup: I started Punch, found it very engaging but not even giving a terminal illness to the main character made me empathise with him.

ghostwriter: Welcome to the world of Park Kyung-So. Check his resume, he doesn’t seem to care about how you feel about his characters.

park kyung soo showsbuttercup: Pinnochio. I couldn’t cope with having to understand a guy who kills people or even having to like him more than other people who ‘just’ fabricate news reports. I know the show had other things going, but that is what stuck with me.

ghostwriter: I agree, the consequences of the news fabrication cannot be foreseen but locking someone up without food and water… I also went in looking for the Kim Young-Kwang that I liked as a “29 year old” but he was nowhere to be found.

buttercup: What about the 7 Ji Sungs they sold us and only having showed 3 by episode 4? I feel cheated!

ghostwriter: But still, Kill Me, Heal Me is fun. Despite the supernatural transformations.

buttercup: Also Kim Yoo-Ri is excelling again at being despicable, a new Jung Se-Ro-like character will suffer her machinations. Long are the days of Kang Woo keeping her in check.

good kim yoo ri-bad kim yoo righostwriter: That reminds me of The King’s Face. I saw the first two episodes but not gone back since. Had forgotten about it.

buttercup: Well I haven’t seen any. Poor Seo In-Guk and we do like him.

ghostwriter: Yes, we do but there are so many shows out there that just liking an actor is not enough to make you watch a show. Judging by how invested we are in Spy, had he been a member of DBSK he wouldn’t have had a problem.

buttercup: Jaejoong being a spy. How can you miss it? I haven’t seen him pull a gun on Spy yet but I am confident he has improved a lot.

jaejoong gun failghostwriter: To be honest what we are really invested in, is in praising his coat choices and using any excuse to re-watch old DBSK performances.

buttercup: That is true because when it comes to the show itself… Let’s just say that I just hope fiction differs from reality, otherwise the spying profession is in really bad shape.

ghostwriter: Starting with a policy of not hiring analysts that behave like stroppy teenagers, even if they belong to the same agency as the best spy in the country. In case it is not clear, Ryu Hye-Young, I am talking about you. Maybe she got confused and thought she was playing the part of the sister.

buttercup: As you said, we will always have the coats. Though, I don’t think many people share our love for outerwear worn by drama leads. Jo In-Sung, I blame you for making this a thing for us.

jo in sung coat festghostwriter: We can blame him, but we should thank his coordi and The Winter the Wind Blows’ director, Kim Kyu-Tae. They made him look good.

buttercup: From Fridays, I also intend to watch Heart to Heart. Just to add something else to that never ending “to watch list” of mine and Fridays is as far I can go.

ghostwriter: I find that weekend dramas can be enjoyed thanks to the aid of the fast forward button and recappers who watch the whole thing for you. That way you can have time to follow the one or two story lines you may like of the many there may be on each show.

buttercup: I need the weekend to catch up with my Monday to Friday episodes, so I’ll take your word for it.

ghostwriter: Next. Future dramas.

buttercup: Hyun Bin! It has been a long wait but two of you is the best we could have asked for.

ghostwriter: Let’s hope so. I am not too convinced by those posters or the pendant he sports in the trailer. No such problems of attire for Jang Hyuk.

buttercup: A mane of glory never disappoints.

ghostwriter: You just said that because you have not seen Lim Ju-Hwan: lim ju hwan shine or go crazybuttercup: Oh dear! this will haunt me.

ghostwriter: Well it is your turn, it has been hunting me for 3 whole days. IK








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