Seonam Girls High School Investigators jtbc


“Even though I was very interested in this drama, I almost couldn’t follow the first episode due to there being so much going on and them rushing us into the story (not exactly a bad thing btw)”.

Series review   Episode 11   Episodes 09 & 10   Episode 08   Episode 07   Episode 06   Episode 05   Episodes 01 to 04


“Sure, the drama slowed down just a bit towards the middle, but then it started picking back up towards the last few episodes and I’ll tell you that it’s worth watching this drama to the end“.

Series review

professor akia@akiatalking:

“While I listed a lot of issues with “Seonam Girls High School Investigators” (2014) here, I will have to say that it is an entertaining show that I powered through 6 episodes in a day. While the pacing lags, the cases are interesting and I do love watching the girls on screen”.

Series review   Episodes 01 to 06


“But at the moment, it seems to suffer from some choppiness in its plot and its nonchalance over its heavy topics is worrisome. That said, it is entertaining and has potential it will hopefully realize”.

Series review   Episodes 01 & 02


“I love me a good mystery. I don’t even mind my heroines being put through manipulative fire only to give a very fantastic retaliation bite to the man who hurt her”.

Episodes 01 & 02

cali@diary of a k-drama addict:

“This drama is so weird and quirky, it’s brilliant!.”

Series review   First impressions

chunkeemonkeeato@musings of a chunkeemonkeeato:

“The writing is certainly the best thing about the drama.  As much as the drama tackles teenage problems, there a lot of themes that even adult viewers could relate to”.

Series review


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