“What I do know is that I want to know more of this story, and I’ll be hoping that the drama delivers it in a consistently entertaining, thoughtful, and (sure why not?) stylishly slick way”.

(also saya)

Episode 20 (finale)   Episode 19   Episode 18   Episode 17   Episode 16   Episode 15   Episode 14   Episode 13   Episode 12   Episode 11   Episode 10   Episode 09   Episode 08   Episode 07   Episode 06   Episode 05   Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01


“Our story begins with the healer playing a virtual tennis game against a female computer opponent”. 

Series review   Episode 20 (finale)   Episode 19   Episode 18   Episode 17   Episode 16   Episode 15   Episode 14   Episode 13   Episode 12   Episode 11   Episode 10   Episode 09   Episode 08   Episode 07   Episode 06   Episode 05   Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01


“Honestly, the first two episodes were more than satisfying, with the humor, light banter, and heartfelt moments, making me even more hopeful for the rest of the drama”.

(also tiara & amy)

Episode 20 (finale)   Episode 19   Episode 18   Episode 17   Episode 16   Episode 15   Episode 14   Episode 13   Episode 12   Episode 11   Episode 10   Episode 09   Episode 08   Episode 07   Episode 06   Episode 05   Episodes 03 & 04   Episode 01 & 02

sarah@obsessive compulsive k-drama watching disorder: 

“TL;DR: Park Min Young + Ji Chang Wook = ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ , OTP = ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥,  Hacker ahjumma = ♥ ♥ ♥, everything else = MEH. That was until episode 10 came along and totally changed everything”. 

(also ddee@dramadrenaline & vannessa)

Episodes 19 & 20 (finale)   Episodes 17 & 18   Episodes 15 & 16   Episodes 13 & 14   Episodes 11 & 12   Episodes 01 to 10


“I know Ji Na’s writing from the musical drama “What’s Up”, which had some strong characters but did have some plot issues. I’m a bit wary how tightly woven the plot points of this drama will be”.

Episode 20 (finale)   Episode 19   Episode 18   Episode 17   Episode 16   Episode 15   Episode 14   Episode 13   Episode 12   Episode 11   Episode 10   Episode 09   Episode 08   Episode 07   Episode 06   Episode 05   Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01


“Although the drama is only half-way through its run, at least the first half is very engaging and addicting to watch“.

Episode 20 (finale)   Episode 19   Episodes 17 & 18   Episodes 15 & 16   Episodes 12 to 14   Episodes 01 to 10

stephanie@kchat jjigae:

” Others might be more frustrated by what the plot lacked, but for a hopeless romantic like me, seeing those two together and imagining their happily ever after was more than enough. I’d re-watch this Kdrama in a heartbeat”.

Series review


“You know a drama has captivated you when you start tolerating an actor you initially dislike, I am referring to Shin Se-Kyung. While her acting remains average, her character is endearing”.

Series review


“I am really excited for my friends who haven’t watching this drama to being watching it and give me episode updates so I can relive everything again because this drama is totally worth a rewatch, or vicariously in this case”. 

Series review


“It gives great satisfaction and the ending is good!”. 

Series review

cali@diary of a k-drama addict:

” He is absolutely adorable and he had me eating out of the palm of his hand in the first episode”.

Series review  First impressions

timescout@a touch of drama:

“Song Ji Na is seasoned and good enough writer to avoid making Healer a carbon copy of all other similar dramas but she still keeps to the basic format almost to a T”. 

Series review (up to episode 16)

stick&stones@train to seoul:

“The drama manage to constantly excite me and impress me, i will like to say that i’m complete healer-ized (my lame puns HAHA SORRY)”.

Series review

vivi@kdrama fighting:

“So thank you, Healer, for reminding me how thoroughly enjoyable a K-drama can be”.

Series review

jaysleenjames@kimchi achaar:

” Note to self, never judge a drama by its ratings. I was surprised when I saw that Healer was average approx 9% rating”.

Series review


“Yes, there were minor flaws here and there, especially more glaring issues in the finale, but in no way did they detract from the overall quality of the show. And this show was quality”.

Series review

julia and tania@julia and tania blog:

Healer had a very good spy action story with a super sweet couple and entertaining and humorous supporting characters that made Healer one heck of a cool watch. We thoroughly enjoyed watching Healer….”.

Series review

charmedangeI8@crazy about asian dramas:

“The drama has action, high-tech gadgets, romance, and a mysterious event that occurred in 1992”.

Episodes 11 to 20 (finale)   Episodes 01 to 10

classy@drama views:

” Trust me when I say, Healer had flaws, a lot of them. So let’s not go there, as I can’t remember them. Which is the main reason why this drama is soo good at doing what it did/does”.

Series review

미코@asian movie & drama:

“A strong but decreasing in speed plot, and a somewhat bittersweet flavor in the end. Falls a little short, but in the end I think it is recommendable”.

Series review



Series review


“Healer is one of those really solid dramas that has very little to pick apart. (….). And if you don’t like love triangles or annoying second leads, there are none to be found in this drama!”.

Series review


“After episode 8, I started to feel something weird. My heart was not completely shaken but I felt something. That something is quite tingling and I like it! I like it a lot!“.

Episodes 01 to 16

indigo@between worlds:

“What’s interesting about this drama is that it really isn’t groundbreakingly good or new or anything.(…)But I guess every once in a while a drama comes along that makes everything work, which definitely is the case with Healer. It just pulls you in“.

Episodes 01 to 12


“Healer:”Don’t recklessly follow anyone from now on. You might end up dead if you do”. 

Episode 20 (finale)   Episode 19   Episode 18   Episode 17   Episode 16   Episode 15   Episode 14   Episode 13   Episode 12   Episode 11   Episode 10   Episode 09   Episode 08   Episodes 01 to 07

ratattler@rattle tattle:

“Healer-ya, why so awesome???

Maybe it’s the writing, the directing, the acting. Maybe it’s a combination of those. Or maybe it’s Ji Chang-wook“.

Episodes 15 to 20 (finale)   Episodes 13 & 14   Episodes 01 to 08


“Our three leads also appear to have quite a complex (and intertwined) past, and it’s going to be super interesting to see that play out”.

Episode 15   Episode 06   Episode 05   Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02  First impressions


“I was ready to write a bad first impression over ‘Healer’ after seeing the first 3 episodes but from episode 4 the story finally picks up and everything becomes interesting”.

Series review   Episodes 05 to 12   Episodes 01 to 04

tessieroo@couch kimchi:

“That was an awesome beginning, everything tied together nicely”.

Episodes 19 & 20 (finale)   Episodes 17 & 18   Episodes 15 & 16   Episodes 13 & 14   Episodes 11 & 12   Episodes 09 & 10   Episodes 07 & 08   Episodes 05 & 06   Episodes 03 & 04   First impressions


“I admit I was a little skeptical about the premise of Healer when I watched the trailers and later ep1. However, when the little niggly plot lines start to merge together, the story begins to get really intense”.

Series review   Review (up to episode 10)   Review (up to episode 08)   Episodes 03 & 04   First impressions


“Clark Kent?! I am so there!”.

Episodes 19 & 20 (finale)   Episodes 17 & 18   Episodes 15 & 16   Episodes 13 & 14   Episodes 11 & 12   Episodes 09 & 10   Episodes 07 & 08   Episodes 01 to 04


” I thoroughly enjoy many aspects of this show,(…). Yet I can’t deny that I’m still far from being in love with any of the characters, and many of the scenes (…) bore me to tears”.

Episodes 01 to 10


Healer is turning out to be an intricate and beforetime story of friendship, career, and rebellion permeated with the tangy scent of justice and ethics”.

Episodes 01 to 06


Healer took the best parts of action, thriller, and romance, mashed them together, and created this beautiful product that left a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind”.

Series review

admin@korean drama fashion:

“If you’re just about starting, be prepared to be swept off of your feet because Ji Chang Wook delivers! (….) the story line and the chemistry between the leads make this an even more top-notch drama than City Hunter”.

Episode 06   Episode 05   Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01

snow@the drama corner:

“It has got emotions, humor, heart, depth, thrills — romance has not started yet but I’m sure it’s gonna take its root pretty soon. Most importantly, I’m loving all the main characters and their intriguing connection”.

Series review   Episodes 11 to 14   Episodes 04 to 10   Episodes 01 to 03

leejin@leejin’s drama corner:

“It’s not exactly a  mind-blowing solid awesome drama, but there is really something special about it. It makes me feel all jelly, fuzzy and warm inside”.

Series review   Episodes 01 to 06


“These two episodes are a lot of fun—there’s humor and action to spare—but they also make it clear that we are being introduced to a very complex world”.

Series review   Episodes 01 to 10   First impressions


“Probably its biggest issue is the pacing and abrupt changes in tone. In the first episode we jumped around from intense action to confusing family backstory to cutesy tabloid reporting, and it didn’t all mesh very well (the music didn’t help)”.

Kolorful paelette (5)   Kolorful paelette (4)   Kolorful paelette (3)   Kolorful paelette (2)  Kolorful paelette (1)

mslee1107@wandering thoughts:

“Looking at the cast, I have great expectations already. But seeing Ji Chang Wook as Healer and the ahjumma hacking the computers are a sight! It immediately entertained me”.

Episode 20 (finale)   Episode 19   Episode 18   Episode 17   Episode 12   Episode 11   First impressions

gabby@ji chang wook’s kitchen:

“Fortunately, the editing improved after episode 4. The show also became easier to follow once all the story setup was done, so I find myself enjoying the show more these days. If only it was perfect from the start!”.

(also cherkell)

Episodes 11 to 20 (finale)   Episodes 01 to 10


“I admit I’m a little confused by the overall plot and the big picture at the moment but I’m so loving YJT and KMK that I’ll willing to keep watching in order to understand”.

Episode 01


“This drama can be seen as a cross between action thriller, makjang, and a tiny bit of procedural, well as least for now”.

Series review    First impressions

conan@we eat lemon:

” It was a well crafted drama that scored high on technicality but just didn’t pull me at the heartstrings as much as others seem to experience.

Series review

vickychong@vicky’s writings:

“(…) thanks to the super cute leading man Ji Chang Wook and lady Park Min Young, (…), I was hooked to the development of their relationship (not the plot)”.

Series review


” I can name many things that the drama does right (…) But what truly separates “Healer” from the rest is how those elements are stitched together to tell a flawlessly paced story that doesn’t make me feel bored for even one second”.

Series review

dramajunkie@confessions of a dramaholic:

“Every character had a purpose and each purpose was relevant to the plot”.

Series review

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