sweden laundry post pic


“This was one of the classic examples of a poorly made fantasy genre drama”.

Series review

leejin@leejin’s drama corner:

“I’ve never seen any of the leads in anything before, and it feels kind of refreshing to see faces I don’t see so often”.

First impressions


“This is definitely one drama that I would recommend to anybody who wants to see some comedy moments, but also wants to see a mystery be solved too“.

Series review

blooblahblee@kdrama rambles and recaps:

” (…) this drama was a pleasant surprise for me”.

Episode 11   Episode 10   Episode 09   Episode 08   Episode 07   Episode 06   Episode 05   Episode 04   Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01


“At times, I found myself laughing out loud but most of the time, I found myself with a long, bored face. (…). Sadly, I would have to say NO to Sweden Laundry. Please save your 16 hours into watching something else“.

Episodes 01 to 14


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