IKut & Tell 21/11/14

Kpop idols singing in Spanish

A few weeks ago KBS taped an edition of Music Bank in Mexico. It made the news because of “Bra-gate” i.e. 3 bras flew on the stage and the performances had to be stopped while the organisation asked for ‘decorum’.

bra music bank-1

More noteworthy and what prompt us to write this post were the performances of songs in Spanish.

EXO-K (Suho, Baekhyun, DO and Chanyeol) gave Mexican singer, Luis Miguel, a run for his money with their rendition of old time Mexican classic “Sabor a mi”.

Also, the seven featured artists/bands, sang “La Bamba” as an ensemble. Though the lyrics’ sheet didn’t seem to have circulated enough backstage, as some were a bit lost for words… (note Infinite’s L, sticking to his role as the visuals of the group).

On the other hand, there were others that also did their homework. Check Yo Seob (BEAST), Sung Kyu (Infinite) & Young Jae (B.A.P) singing “Corre”, Girl’s Day “Suerte” and Ailee “Donde voy”.

This is not a new occurrence since Davichi already sang in Spanish, “Gracias a la vida”, back in 2012 when Music Bank took place in Chile.

Continuing with the Spanish flavour in Kpop, Lunafly (temporarily a duet) released a new single “Quiero besarte” last week. Though in their case it seems to be becoming a habit since they also recorded “Corre” as well as “Creo en ti” and “Super heroe”.

Other notable Kpop hopefuls in Spanish:

– U-KISS made the effort to translate their song “Dear my friend” into Spanish so they could perform it during their South American Tour in 2013. Even though 2AM’s Jo Kwon, apparently a polyglot, was not that impressed with their pronunciation.

– Taeyang managing 20 seconds of “Feliz Navidad”.

Not that it was mind blowing, in all honesty he made the list just to give us cue to show you his win at the Melon Music Awards last week while surrounded and enthusiastically supported by his very own fangirls label mates, WINNER.

taeyang winner mma


And to finish, a must see, the original cast of Running Man very funnily failing at their “Macarena” attempts over and over again.


CREDITS: KBSkPOP, SMTOWN, MRkike163, CARMINE PINK, officiallunafly, miny moe, synkroneyes, jinwoo-eodiya, aspalelasuperb807_fa

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